PM Modi man of the moment but India is Indira Gandhi for me: Mehbooba Mufti


Hailing former prime minister as the ideal representative of the that she envisions,Chief Minister said ‘is Indira Gandhi’ for her.

“When I was growing, represented for me. Maybe some people won’t like it, but to me,is Indira Gandhi,” she said, while speaking at aevent here on Friday.

However, Mufti was all praises for ‘the man of the moment’, Prime Minister Modi, who, she believes, can be the true harbinger of peace and stability in The Valley.

“Prime Minister Modi has the potential to become the man of history and his leadership is an asset which needs to be harnessed. Our hopes are pinned on him to work together and bring out of the mess,” said Mufti.

Saddened by the portrayal of and as separate identities by the media, Mufti highlighted that the country is being misrepresented, adding that the society should be more welcoming to the idea ofand its natives.

is a mini within We are a diverse state with all kinds of multi-diversity of religion and everything. Opposing religious divide, the state had aligned to a more secular and accommodative where Hindus and Muslims pray together at a shrine and statues of Hindu gods are being made by Muslim artisans,” she said, urging that the sentiment of ‘azadi’ needs to be replaced with a better idea.

Furthermore, Mufti while backing the people of her state vehemently denied the idea of revoking the state’s special status granted as per Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, and said the flag and the special status were a crucial element of preserving the Valley’s culture and heritage.


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