Scholarships for the Higher Education of ST Students


What’s the Scholarship Scheme all about?

The Government of India introduced the ‘Scholarships for the Higher Education of ST Students’ scheme in order to encourage ST students, a backward section of the society with low literacy levels, to acquire higher education in the form of:

  • Fellowships to pursue M.Phil and Ph.D courses so that they are qualified to hold posts of teachers /professionals and other higher
    stages of employment.
  • Graduate and Post Graduate studies with scholarships in Top Class Institutions of National repute.

Who’s eligible to apply for the scholarships?

  • The candidate belonging to ST category should have passed the Post-Graduation examination for being eligible for the Fellowship.
  • The total family income of the candidate to be eligible for this scholarship from all sources should not exceed Rs.4.50 lakh per annum.
  • The scholarship awarded will continue till the completion of the course, subject to satisfactory performance of the student.


  • First of all, the scholarships will become payable immediately after a student has secured admission and has started attending the classes.
  • Under the scheme, the ST students will be awarded a scholarship to meet the requirements for:
    (1) Full tuition fee and other non-refundable dues in respect of Government and Government-funded institutions. However, there will be a ceiling of Rs.2.00 lakhs per annum per student for private sector institutions.
    (2) Living expenses will be provided up to a maximum ceiling of Rs. 2200/- per month per student.
    (3) In addition to the cost of books and stationery up to Rs.3000/- per annum per student, the cost of a latest computer along with its accessories limited to Rs.45, 000/- will be provided as one time assistance during the course.

Other Requirements:

  • The selected candidates would be required to have bank accounts in banks having Core Banking Solutions.
  • In case the students are not having Aadhaar numbers, they are required to apply for Aadhaar Card, within a month of their registration/admission in the courses under the Fellowship/Scholarship.

For detailed information, read the official document here:


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