When Navratri is celebrated


Color, zest, dance, devotion, prayer…Navratri has multifold significance for anyone celebrating this festival. Though rituals could differ, the feeling of joy and celebration are common. An ode to the festival called Navratri.

When Navratri is celebrated,
Seasons are in the midst of change
And Nature is renewing itself.
There is magic in the air – truly,
As the seasons are switching turns,
And the phenomenon of Ritu Sandhi unfolds.

When Navratri is celebrated,
Vivid rituals are alive in the air.
The southern end of India bursts into color with Shardiya Navratri,
Hailed as Maha Navratri in October;
While the North of India enjoys the Vasanta (or Chaitra) Navratri in April.
Uniting everyone within the length and breadth of the sub-continent.

When Navratri is celebrated,
Autumn’s simplicity and the royalty of summer are celebrated.
There is glory in Her dispassion, a promise of renewal and continuity of creation.
Just as the seasons transform,
The body-mind complex changes,
And seeks to balance itself.
Mirroring Nature.

When Navratri is celebrated,
Nature rests and rejuvenates,
So must we.
A powerful period for any spiritual practice or sadhana.
You meditate daily, you say; sometimes even twice.
Yet the focus on meditation must be sharper at this time of the year.
And the fruits of meditation come manifold.

When Navratri is celebrated,
Subtle energies in Creation are enriched,
Angels that help us to go inwards, deeper and towards Bliss.
Chants, meditations, satsang, fasts deeper than before.

When Navratri is celebrated,
The mind and body rest and renews itself through the nine nights of Navratri.
Just as a child grows in the mother’s womb for nine months.

When Navratri is celebrated…all of nature rejoices.

Join in the celebrations and the beautiful phenomenon at The Art of Living International center in Bengaluru. If you cannot come to the center, participate through the webcast. Wishing you all the joy and celebrations of Navratri!


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