What you should really do during Navratri


Navratri when literally translated to English means nine nights. Night is the time for relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and the body.

#1. Rest your mind and body:

Navratri is the resting time for the spirit in you. It is the time when you withdraw yourself from all sense activities (eating, talking, watching, touching, listening, smelling), and rest in yourself. This withdrawal from all sense activities takes you deeper within yourself which is the true source of bliss, joy and enthusiasm.

Most of us don’t get to experience this because we are constantly engaged in some activity or another. We are constantly engaged with the mind. Navratri is the time to withdraw from the mind, and rest in the spirit, or soul. It’s the time to feel your soul!

#2. Remember your origin:

This Navratri, take the opportunity to transition from the gross material world to the subtle spiritual world. Simply put: take some time off from your day-to-day activities and entanglements and focus on yourself. Think of your origin, of who you are and where you have come from. Go within, and rest in the remembrance of the love of this creation; of the Divine Mother.

#3. Have faith:

We are connected to this universe, to some power that makes this whole creation happen. This power is filled with love. The whole creation is filled with love. Navratri is the time for you to realize that you are loved, and rest in this feeling of love. When you do this, you come out feeling stronger, wiser, rejuvenated, refreshed and harmonious.

The way to transition to the spiritual world, or make the journey to the inner self is throughsilence, fasting, chanting, and meditation.


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