Secret of manifesting the Nav Durga in your daily life

The nine nights of Navratri celebrate and honor the nine different aspects of Mother Divine known as Nava Durga. The Mother Divine manifests Herself in these nine different forms with each form signifying something subtle and deep.


Do these forms really exist?

Yes, in the most subtle realms of creation. They are not visible in the gross material world but are present in the ethereal realm, beyond space.

When our mind and consciousness is elevated into the subtle space – the Akasha Tattva – we can experience the multitude of divine forces and can truly worship and honor them.

Experience the phenomenon, yourself

When we go deep to our Source through meditation and repose in that innermost space of the Self, then we realize that all these divine forces are a part of our Self, and are a part of our true nature.

Meditation elevates and establishes oneself in the unknown and the un-manifest energy. Meditation during a puja is a very important aspect and bears many fruits.

Go deeper in your meditation this Navratri. You can attend the pujas at Art of Living centers closest to you. If that’s not possible, meditate with thousands of people as they participate in the yagyas through the webcast.

We’d love to hear about your experience!


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