Have you heard the sound of silence?


According to Hinduism, the Mother Divine or Devi is the source of all energy. Due to this attribute, she is also referred to as Shakti, which literally translates to power or energy. The Mother Divine powers everything in this existence and sustains it. And Navratri is a means to honor and worship the Devi for our very existence.

Like a child who grows in the mother’s womb for nine months, the nine nights of Navratri offer us a chance to go back to our source to rest and rejuvenate. But here, resting not only implies an absence of physical activity but mental activity too. The constant clamor in the mind drains us and doesn’t allow us to experience a deep state of rest.

While meditation and fasting help calm down the mind and reduce mental chatter, silence is what really enhances the experience. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says that silence not only purifies our speech but also develops our skills. Further, being in silence allows the mind to settle down and turn its focus completely inwards, thus letting you dive further inside.

3 types of silence:

Silence is not only about refraining from speaking but has a bigger dimension to it. In a nutshell, silence can be divided into three different types:

  1. When one does not speak to anybody. Here, we conserve our energy by not speaking out and avoiding the use of gestures.
  2. When the mind is not interested in the things around and is only focused inwards.
    We go one step further and abstain from indulging in sensory pleasures. Every time we indulge in a sensory pleasure, the mind is active and feeding on the activity. So to rest the mind, sensory pleasures are avoided.
  3. When there is total oneness and contentment: where we don’t feel the need for anything and are at peace and contentment with everything around us. This enables the mind to become still and come back to its source.

As Navratri draws closer, make a conscious effort to keep silent as much as possible and see the difference for yourself. While the Mother Divine is being honored, give yourself a chance to soak in Her real power and take a glimpse at the eternal Divine energy of the Devi.


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