Ghat Sthapana & Durga Puja


Navratri Puja Vidhi Basic Rules
1. Keep Purity of mind, body and place of worship during Navratri.
2. During Navratri, do worship with full devotion and love in the feet of Mother Goddess.
3. Worship at a particular time daily (If possible). It improves the results of Pujan.

1. Photo or Idol of Goddess Durga (in absence of Idol, a photo in which 9 Durga are shown is preferable)
2. Things required for Ghata Sthapana

2.1 A clay pot to sow barley seeds
2.2 Soil to pour in clay pot
2.3 Barley Seeds
2.4 Water to sprinkle on soil
2.5 Kalash or Ghat (a kind of small pitcher) made of Clay with lid
2.6 Naariyal (Coconut)
2.7 Red cloth to wrap coconut.
2.8 Five Leaves of Mango tree or Ashoka Tree to put in kalash
2.9 Mala (flower garland)
2.10 Coins

3. Chowki or a place to put idol or photo of Goddess Durga
4. Red Cloth to spread on Chowki
5. Sacred Thread (Moli)
6. Akshat (raw rice)
7. Things required for Panchopchar :

7.1 Itra (Scent)
7.2 Flower, Garland (Mala)
7.3 Dhoop
7.4 Deepak or lamp made of clay (with batti and ghee)
7.5 Naivedya (Food to offer, may include fruits, sweets and whatever you cooked in your kitchen etc.)

8. Roli for Tilak
9. Puja ki Thali (plate)
10. Bell
11. Flour of Kutu/Rajgiri/Singhada, Potato, fruits for Saagaar.
12. Chana, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Ghee for 9th day food preparation.

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