Devi Durga and the Color Red

  • Devi Durga and the color red

Durga is associated with red. She is depicted as wearing a red saree. Red is the color of dynamism – the ‘moving’ energy. You may be trained and skilled, but if you are not able to move things, people, and efforts in unison, then the results are delayed, and you can’t be effective. When you pray to Durga, she brings forth dynamism in you to make things move.
Durga is also referred to as ‘Jaya Durga’ or the one who brings victory.

  • The Nav Durga

The Nav Durga are the nine aspects of the Durga Shakti which act like a shield to ward off all negativities. When you have obstacles or mental blocks, just remembering these qualities of theDevi can remove your mental blocks. For people suffering from anxiety, self-doubt, fear, simply chanting the names of the Devi can elevate your consciousness and make you more centered, courageous and composed.

  • Mahishasuramardhini form of Durga

The Devi Durga, in Her form as Mahishasuramardhini, is the destroyer of Mahisha. The word Mahisha means buffalo which is a symbol of laziness, lethargy, and inertia. These are the qualities which impede the spiritual and material progress of an individual. The Devi is a storehouse of positive energy and any trace of laziness or inertia dissolves in her very presence.


 “The first three days of Navratri celebrate the Devi in the form of Durga. In the presence of Durga Shakti, negative forces fade away. She transforms negativity into positivity.”

As said by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
The Art of Living Founder


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