8 aspects you’ll love to learn about Devi Lakshmi


There are eight aspects to this divine energy that may be bestowed upon us. At different stages in life, different aspects manifest in a person. For example, Dhairya Lakshmi may make a person courageous, but without Vijaya Lakshmi, one would not be victorious. On the three days dedicated to Devi Lakshmi, we pray to the Divine Mother to bestow us with all these aspects of wealth.

#1. Adi Lakshmi is the memory of the source. When we forget that we are part of the entire creation, we feel small and insecure. Adi Lakshmi is that aspect which connects us to our source, thus bringing strength and calmness to the mind.

#2. Dhana Lakshmi is the aspect of material wealth.

#3. Vidya Lakshmi is the aspect of knowledge, skills and talents.

#4. Dhanya Lakshmi manifests as wealth in the form of food. It is said that we become what we eat. The right amount of food and right type of food, eaten at the right time and place, affects the body and mind positively.

#5. Santana Lakshmi manifests as wealth in the form of progeny and creativity. People full of creativity, skills, and talents are bestowed with this aspect of Lakshmi.

#6. Dhairya Lakshmi manifests as wealth in the form of courage.

#7. Vijaya Lakshmi is the aspect that manifests as victory.

#8. Bhagya Lakshmi is the aspect of good luck and prosperity.

The next three days of Navratri honor the Devi in the form of Lakshmi.Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Wealth is a vital ingredient bestowed upon us for the maintenance and progress in our life. It is much more than just having money. It means abundance in knowledge, skills and talents. Lakshmi is the energy that manifests as the complete spiritual and material well-being of a person.”

As said by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
The Art of Living Founder


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