5 reasons to meditate during Navratri


Navratri is a vibrant festival, known for its array of colors and gaiety. It is also associated with silence, with a strong focus on chanting shlokas, fasting, and prayers. Many people look at it as a time to turn inward through meditation.

If you’re a meditator or looking at starting meditation, here are 5 reasons why should meditate during Navratri:

1. During Navratri, the nature is in balance, so meditating at this time brings our body and mind into balance.

During the summer solstice (when the Sun reaches its northernmost point of equator, marking the beginning of summer) and the winter solstice (the astronomical phenomenon marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year), the sun goes to extremes. But during Navratri, the sun is right in the middle. This helps to bring balance, and when the nature is in balance, meditation helps us to also get into that balance mode.

2. If you have been wanting to meditate but have not with your practice, it’s a good time to start or restart.

Sometimes we feel that we ought to have done so much meditation, but we just get the chance, or maybe we got too bogged down with life to take out time for meditation. You need not

Navratri is the time where you can press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete button and make a new beginning.Vijaya Dashami is particularly the time to start off anything new. So, it doesn’t matter if you forgot to meditate or have not been able to yet, Navratri is the time to make a fresh beginning.

3. The impact and fruits of your meditation are much more during the days of Navratri.

It is believed that when we do any practice in a group, its benefits are multiplied and obtained faster. So, when everyone joins together and does meditation during Navratri, the group consciousness has the power to elevate you faster.

4. The positive impact of your meditation gets carried over even long after Navratri is over.

If you meditate for these nine days of the Navratri festival, its effect lingers on for more time. It’s like Immunization. You do it once but its effect lingers for much longer. The mantras, the chanting during Navratri, help us to get into a meditative state much more effectively. This rejuvenates us and the energy gets carried forward for many months.

5. During Navratri, deep, restful meditations are inevitable.

When you take a shower, you have to make an effort to get wet. However, in the rain, getting wet is inevitable. Similarly, meditating round the year normally takes a little effort to get started. But during Navratri, the environment is such that your meditation

Quick Tip

Want to get started with meditation?
You can meditate on the chants, Devi Kavacham and Lakshmi Astotthara, once a day, for all the nine days of Navratri.


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