3 Gunas: understanding the secrets inside you


Hope you’re having a happy day. If you are, enjoy it! And incase you’re not…it’s alright. Why? Because this too shall pass. Many times, our moods that swing from feeling happy, dull, restless are not always outside of you. Instead, you’re simply acting as per the different qualities that are playing up yourself. And these qualities are present everywhere and in everyone.

And it’s not complicated to understand this. We’ve all heard about the five elements in nature. What we possibly don’t know is that these five elements have three qualities which are:

  • Sattva
  • Rajas
  • Tamas

These three qualities are also present in our food. Our food can be Sattvic, Rajasic or Tamasic. So can our mind demonstrate these qualities as our attitudes and actions.

Everything in this creation is governed by these three qualities. They also relate to our state of consciousness, such as waking, dreaming and sleeping state.

So, what’s the secret:

#1. Sattva: is the quality that is responsible for clarity, wisdom, and righteous action.
More sattva = light * happy  *pleasant  *joyful  *alert *awake * clarity of perception

#2. Rajas: is the quality that is responsible for activity in the body and mind.
We need this: We cannot ‘act’ without a certain level of Rajas. Rajas has its benefits when it is in balance with the other two Gunas.
However, an imbalance in rajas = lots of thoughts * restlessness * more desires * extremes in emotions (very happy and excited, or extremely low.)

#3. Tamas: is the quality that is responsible for rest of the body and mind.
We need this: Without a certain level of Tamas, one cannot ‘sleep’.
However, an imbalance in tamas = delusion * wrong understanding * dullness

Maintaining the ‘high’

The higher the Sattva, the more happiness, and clarity one experiences.

Though we experience all the three qualities from time to time, we can still keep our levels of Sattva high by:

  • leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • spiritual practices such as meditation, chanting

This is a very subtle science. However the remedies are simple, and in our hands. Go ahead, change your day!


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